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The Hottest and Coldest Time of the Day – When They Occur and Why

thermometer set outdoor

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the hottest and coldest time of the day. High and low temperatures inform you as to how warm or cold the environment is going to be and they can be felt at certain times of the day. Although it would seem obvious for the hottest time of the day […]

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What Is An Occluded Front And Which Weather Conditions Occur During This Event?

What Is A Weather Front?What is a weather front? A weather front is a boundary between two air masses, if you think of it as a border, two parties stand at the edge of this border, on one side is the warm air, and on the other is the cold air. There can be gigantic […]

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What Causes Weather To Change, Change So Quickly, And Can It Be Predicted?

gloomy weather

We all know the saying “They change their mind quicker than the weather”, don’t we?  For centuries society has remarked on the changing of the weather and how it always seems to happen so suddenly and so drastically. Have you ever wondered why this happens though? What is it that causes such a drastic change to […]

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Why Is The Sky Blue?

blue sky and sun

If you’re as curious and inquisitive as we are, perhaps this is one of the marvels of nature you’ve been wondering about since you were a little kid, and certainly one of life’s age old questions… and today, we have the answer.In a NutshellTo quickly summarise: the sky looks as though it is blue when […]

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The Orographic Effect And Its Effect On The Weather

an illustration of the orographic effect

What affects the weather?As we live on planet earth, we are surrounded by the weather. Weather is constant, and it is constantly changing. Everything we see can affect the weather, climate change, mountains pushing up, temperatures going down, or the position of the moon in the sky.  When we watch the weather channel, we know that […]

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