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Arcus Clouds: What They Are and How They Form

arcus cloud formation

To us, clouds always look like giant pillows in the sky. Arcus clouds are the very definition of a comfortable pillow-looking cloud. Clouds can look dreamy and light, or moody and atmospheric. What is certain, though, is that whether they are light or dark, dreamy or moody they all make for great photographs!  Have you ever wondered […]

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Best Portable Weather Stations

IntroductionFinding good measurement tech can be a tall order since they need to be reliable. This is especially the case if you’re doing a job that requires accurate meteorological readings, but unfortunately, portable weather stations often don’t have the guaranteed quality that static weather stations have. You don’t want to get bunk readings for temperature […]

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What Is A Storm Glass And How Does It Work To Forecast The Weather

How the weather is predicted is such a fascinating topic. Not only is it interesting to find out how the weather is forecast, but it is also a great way of planning what you are going to do with your week.A fun way to forecast the weather is with a storm glass. If you have […]

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Best Weather Stations for Schools

Weather stations are a fantastic educational tool for schools. Students will be fascinated with seeing the weather station in action, measuring rainfall, humidity, wind speed, and many other factors.It’s a great way for students to see for themselves what they’re learning about, and is sure to get them enthusiastic about geography and science.There are many […]

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Ephemeral Stream: What It Is And How It Occurs

No matter how large or small a body of water is, a stream is responsible for carrying water to everything in nature that needs it. Plants, animals, and the population require enough water to share, so the world can never have too many streams popping up and helping towards the common cause. Some streams, such as […]

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