Ambient Weather WS-2000 Review

The Ambient Weather WS-2000, which you can find here on Amazon,  is a smart weather monitoring system that you can track and record from wirelessly.  

In this article, we'll be looking at whether the Ambient Weather WS-2000 is worth the investment? We'll also be looking at if it is really an upgrade from its predecessor - the Ambient Weather WS-2902A? 

To do this we will be breaking down all the key features of the Weather Station to see if it will function in a way that works for you. 

So, is Ambient Weather WS-2000 worth it? Read on to find out.  

Who Is Ambient Weather? 

Ambient Weather is a pioneer of online weather technology. Since 1998 Ambient Weather has been releasing Weather Stations that connect to the internet. Their systems are loved by both professionals and weather enthusiasts alike - this is partly due to the smooth operating system on their machines. 

Ambient Weather has created a system that allows meteorologists at all levels to track and record data. Ambient Weather can supply everything from Weather Stations, software, to a cloud storage system that allows 'professionals and enthusiasts to create a network of data spanning the globe.

Using the Ambient Weather system you can receive data from your station to your Ambient Weather-monitor, desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. 

WS-2000 - The Good Points 

The Complete Kit 

The WS-2000 comes with an outdoor Weather Station, wireless LED monitor, array sensor, and the ability to run view data on your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet.

With the WS-2000 there is no need to purchase multiple items so set up your full Weather Station system - it all comes in one package. 

Every category covered 

The Weather Station is an all-in-one testing and recording system. The Station can measure everything most of us would require from our Weather Stations. Both wind direction and wind speed can be measured by the WS-2000.

The Station also measures rainfall levels, humidity, and temperature, as well as UV and solar radiation. 

Also of this information gathered is stored online and streamed to the display tablet (included in the purchase), Abiment Weather also has its own app which will allow you to stream the information straight to your phone. 

Wifi-based Weather Station 

Ambient Weather as we have mentioned were some of the major Wifi-enabled Weather Station pioneers. You can tell they've been doing this for a long time because their systems are just so easy to use. 

Obviously, the usefulness of this product entirely depends on the quality of your home Wifi - if you have poor bandwidth then you'll struggle to use this product. 

Enhanced Wifi-capability option - Connect to a personal server 

The WS-2000 allows you to connect straight to your own personal weather server - run on the world's biggest server for this type of data. 

The benefit of this is that your data will always be stored online. If you are working on a professional project, or a personal one and need to keep track of your data long term. This is built directly into the Weather Station - so no extra set up on your part. 

If you're using the Station to control the automated areas of your home, or checking the weather day to day, you may not need this and can turn this feature off. 

26 channels of measurement  

These 26 channels of measurement are built into this Weather Station: 

  • 8-channel indoor-outdoor thermo-hygrometer 
  • 8-channel water-proof probe 
  • 4-channel soil moisture sensor 
  • 2-channel air quality sensor 
  • Lightning detector 
  • 4-channel leak detector 

This is a huge amount of measurement channels compared to most other Weather Stations on the market. 

Next level compatibility 

Not only is the WS-2000 capable of linking to Alexa, but it is also compatible with three clever types of software. 

PWSWeather is an independent and world-leading meteorological software that allows you to store any information that you have gathered from your Weather Station. Although Ambient Weather does have its own software for doing this, it's nice that they make their software compatible with their competitor's technology. 

Rachio is one of the USA's most popular systems for installing Wifi-operated sprinklers. You can set up your weather station to trigger your sprinkler system if the humidity drops too low and the temperature gets too high - no need to worry about your lawn drying out with the WS-2000 around. 

The system is also designed to sync with your IFTTT and API systems (these include automated blinds, fans, AC, and lightbulbs that you can control from your phone) - allowing you to see triggers for closing the blinds, switching off or on your AC, etc. Why do it all yourself when your weather system can take care of it for you. 

Replacement and extra parts available

Ambient Weather provides a wide range of replacement options - including rain gauges (see out bad points section for more information on this), and extra display tablets. 

If part of your Weather Station breaks down, it is very easy to get hold of replacement parts and fix your station yourself. This is much cheaper than replacing the whole machine. 

WS-2000 - The bad points 

Fault Rain Gauge

There is one theme that runs through the small number of bad reviews that the WS-2000 has received, is that after a short amount of time the rain gauge stops working. 

The good news is that this is the easiest part of the machine to replace. Usually costing under $40. 

The bad news is, with 3% of reviewers reporting that this is a problem, this is clearly something Ambient Weather needs to address in their design. However, we did see very few reports of people having difficulty getting repairs from AW, so if you do have this problem, it will most likely be solved swiftly. 

Outdoor Sensor runs on batteries 

Most of the WS-2000's contemporaries run on a mixture of solar power and batteries. Although there are places in the country where you won't have much use for solar power, it is a useful backup. 

Having a power backup can be particularly crucial in professional situations, where a loss of power, and therefore data can cause long-term damage to the experiment or project. 

WS-2000 VS WS-2902A

If you already have the WS-2902A and are trying to decide if it's worth upgrading to the WS-2000 there are a few things to consider: 

Will you make use of the Wifi-enabled features? 

The main benefit of upgrading to the WS-2000 is the built-in compatibility features. If you're someone who wants you Weather Station to do more than record the weather, then you'll definitely see the benefit of upgrading. 

However, if you see no appeal in your Weather Station being able to turn on your sprinklers when it's too hot, or turn on your central heating when it gets too cold - then there may be little benefit in upgrading for you. 

Are you working on a long term or professional project? 

The WS-2000 is able to track roughly 13 more channels of measurement than its predecessor. Although the average enthusiast may not find much use for these extra channels, anyone who is trying to do any in-depth project - be it professional or as a hobby - will really benefit from having the extra data. 

Should you upgrade?

For us, it's a no brainer, extra data, extra features, add to that a better quality monitor and better Wifi connection - upgrading seems like a win-win situation. 

Our Final Thoughts 

The WS-2000 really does offer a lot more than the average Weather Station. 

This is a great kit that has everything you need to set up your first digital Weather Station. A temperature sensor, LED monitor, Weather Station, and all the software you need.

The Weather Station itself comes with two great Wifi-based features. 

Firstly, the Station has an optional wifi-feature to feed your collected data straight to not only your LED monitor but to a cloud-based personal server. This is a great method for storing and interpreting data in the long term. 

Secondly, the Station is compatible with most automated household appliances - like sprinklers, automated blinds, lightbulb, AC, and central heating. Meaning a change in temperature can cause your Station to adjust your house, without you having to be there, or worry about it. 

The main flaw of the WS-2000 is that there is a small, but not an insignificant number of people who have complained about faulty rain gauges. Although it is easy to replace this part, Ambient Weather should really deal with this, so customers do not have to do this themselves. 

You may find that many of the WS-2000 extra features offer you very little benefit, if this is the case, the WS-2000 will not be worth the investment for you. 

However, if you do feel you would benefit from some, if not all, of the extensive amount of features the WS-2000 provides, we definitely think this digital Weather Station is worth the money.  

About the Author Marvin J. Snyder

I'm the research analyzer and data interpretation here at Weather Station Lab. I test various weather stations and share my conclusion here. Since my childhood, I had a passion towards weather and I'm always fascinated by that. Eventually, I pursued Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Arizona. I hope my contribution will help you to know more about weather stations. Read more about us, here