Ambient Weather WS-1002 Review 2019

Weather stations have limited options for consumers. Maybe that’s why there aren’t many companies that sell weather stations. Of course, by ‘many companies’ one means many top companies. When there is a shortage of competition in the market; it’s understandable if consumers are on high-alert. Competition in the marketplace acts as a safety-net for consumers, in general. In the absence of intense-competition, consumers need to be a little bit more vigilant while making a purchase.

Furthermore, for a product such as a weather station; information is everything. Sure, weather stations are mostly purchased by professionals and scientists involved in this field and since these ‘consumers’ know everything; information about the product may be redundant? If that’s your view, you are mistaken. Everybody benefits from product reviews. A good product review objectively lays down information, valuable information, for the consumer. In this Ambient Weather WS-1002 product review; we shall be enlisting the following information about this model.

Features of the ambient weather ws-1002

ambient weather ws-1002

Wifi Color Display

A striking feature of the WS-1002 is its full-colour display. The display is adequately sized and is very easy to read from; day or night. One can call it a ‘smart display’ as it readjusts its brightness settings automatically based on the time of the day. The screen is large enough to display all the important information that’s needed.

Great Connectivity & Compatibility

Perhaps the coolest feature in the Ambient Weather WS-1002 is its diverse, super-utilitarian connectivity. It can be connected to the ‘Ambient Weather Network’ with utmost ease. Simply put, you can create your own private server and monitor the weather conditions in and around your region on a real-time basis. This model works extremely well with ‘Google Assistant’. The Google Assistant feature too facilitates real-time monitoring. It’s also compatible with ‘Alexa’; satisfying the same utility.

You can even connect the weather station sensors to IFTTT via the internet and thus; gain minimal control of other devices through the weather station controls itself. It can even be connected to ‘Wunderground’; one of the most popular weather station hosting services in the world and thus; you get to enjoy all the benefits that ‘Wunderground’, as a platform, has to offer.

Multiple Weather Sensors

The Ambient Weather WS-1002 is well equipped with weather sensors. In total, it has eight weather sensors that allow it to measure and analyse the weather conditions of a particular area comprehensively. The different weather sensors are: (a) Hygrometer (b) Wind vane (c) Rain gauge (d) Wind cups (e) Solar collector (f) UV sensor (g) Solar radiation sensor (h) Bubble level.

User-Friendly Interface

 Generally, setting up a weather station is work. It’s a testy process. The Ambient Weather WS-1002 is much easier to set-up when compared to few of the other weather stations sold in the market. Not just that, once set-up, it’s extremely easy to use. Most of the data that it collects is accurate. To facilitate readability of data; the data can be represented in the form of graphs and tables. Simple menu-based options gives the consumer easy control over the entire device. Another really cool feature of this weather station is that it operates on solar powered batteries.

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Advantages Of The ambient weather radio

  • A user-friendly interface; operates on rechargeable solar batteries.
  • Ensures the dissemination of accurate data.
  • Can measure and assess a great number of weather factors like rainfall, UV radiation etc.
  • Offers great connectivity and compatibility options.

Disadvantages Of the ambient weather ws-1002-wifi smart weather station

  • Not very durable; seldom receive complaints regarding one of the weather sensors
  • Some of the features aren’t very reliable; they sometimes work really well and at other times rarely work at all.
  • Quite pricey when compared to other weather stations in the market.

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