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AcuRite 01057RM Review

Sometimes you cannot rely on the weather report provided by the weather department or third party sources. These sources only offer a generic perspective of the weather for a large area. There are times when you may need to know the exact weather condition in your area. In such a case, having your own weather station becomes imperative.

For instance, if you like to go out fishing or love to play golf, you will like to be in the know of the weather conditions. AcuRite 01057RM is a personal weather station designed for amateurs. In this article we’ll review this weather station and learn about its features. Take a look!



It’s a wireless weather station and is capable of transmitting the sensor data to the display console up to 330 ft. However, what’s great is that it lets you monitor the weather data remotely using your smartphone, tablet or computer. 01057RM packs smartHUB which lets you easily connect your devices. smartHUB can be connected using the Ethernet cable. You will need to download the My AcuRite app in order to monitor the data remotely. The app is supported on Android and iOS devices.


This weather station uses the LCD display, which is not only illuminated but also uses RGB colors. The display looks pretty vibrant. The display unit can be placed on the tabletop or can be mounted on the wall. The screen auto-dims the brightness in low light conditions. You can view the weather reading from all 5 sensors. It also shows charts and graphs so that you can be aware of the weather trends.



Acurite 01057RM packs a 5 in 1 sensor unit and it is branded as the PRO+ model by the manufacturer. Here is the list of the instruments included in this weather station:

  1. Indoor and outdoor thermometer for temperature measurement
  2. Hygrometer (indoor and outdoor) for humidity
  3. Barometer to measure the barometric pressure indoors
  4. Wind vane for wind direction and anemometer for wind speed
  5. Rain collector for rainfall measurement (self-emptying)
  6. Dual solar panel setup to supply power to the aspirating fan

Power Source

Acurite 01057RM is powered by the batteries. The battery unit is placed close to the sensor array. However, if you have installed the weather station at a location difficult to reach, it is recommended that you buy the remote battery pack. This will allow you to replace the battery remotely from up to 30 ft away without having to, let’s say, climb up the rooftop. Please note that the remote battery unit is sold separately and is not shipped out of the box. Also note that the solar panel only powers the aspirator fan and not the sensor unit.


Accuracy isn’t exactly the strongest aspect of this otherwise decent weather station. From the accuracy standpoint, AcuRite 01057RM is subpar. However, it is still good enough as you can get fair idea about the weather. If you have bought it for personal use, it won’t be a big problem.

The displayed wind speed may be off by 2 to 5 mph from the actual speed. Temperature reading is usually 2 to 3° F off. Humidity reading can also be up to 5% higher or lower than the actual.

Update Frequency

Again, if you are using this weather station for professional purposes you may not be very pleased with the update frequency. It sometimes updates the display at the 40 second interval. However, usually it is 18 to 20 seconds. If you are monitoring the weather remotely using smartphone app, it may take up to 15 minutes for this weather station to provide the update. For the casual users, this should not be a big deal.


AcuRite 01057RM is one of the most affordable weather stations you can buy. This device packs nearly all the basics one may expect. The 5-in-1 sensor array is good enough for most users. However, if you are looking for advanced, extra features, this may not be the best weather station for you.

As compared to the other such weather devices, 01057RM is quite inexpensive and hence we can’t expect much from it. But, it has colored display and smartphone remote monitoring, which many stations at this price point do not offer. All in all, it is good value for money for the regular users.


    • Includes remote monitoring through a smartphone app
    • Can send email and app notifications
    • 5 weather instruments at an affordable price
    • Colored LCD screen
    • Charts and Graphs for weather trends


    • Sensor unit is not powered by solar panel and batteries also cannot be recharged using solar panel
    • Slow update frequency

Wrapping it up!

If you’re on a limited budget, AcuRite 01057rm is good pick considering the features and reliability you’re getting for that price. You can also consider other weather stations from AcuRite or Ambient, if you can extend your budget you go with Davis Vantage Vue

Happy Forecasting! 

AcuRite 02064 Wireless Weather Station Review

Weather is something that can’t be accurately predicted accurately (yet). But things changing and lots of super computers are forecasting weather with about 70% accuracy. Weather Station is device which can provide lot of weather data of your locality and also gives alert incase if any storms detected. 

Weather Stations are manufactured by various brands such as AcuRite, Davis, etc. Weather Station comes with various models and pricing ranges to make it available for all type of consumers.

AcuRite is known for its reputation and manufacturing affordable weather gears. 02064 model could be a perfect gift for a weather enthusiast. It comes all the basic features such as Daily high & low, indoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed & direction, rainfall data, etc.

Let me ask you guys something. What is a ‘good weather station’? Is it a feature enriched model? One that’s cost-effective? Or, one that’s a jack of all trades but a master of none? There’s just no ‘correct’ answer for this question. Multiple people will give you multiple answers to this very question because of very different reasons. To conclude, we do not know which weather station is  a ‘good weather station’.

It is you, the ultimate consumer who has to ultimately make a purchase decision. Your purchase decision is governed by a certain number of factors like, price, features, accuracy, feasibility, durability etc. To simplify the pre-purchase process, in this product review, we shall just list some of the most notable features about the AcuRite 02064 Wireless Weather Station and then, you can be the best judge and decide whether this is a model that’s perfect for you or not.

Our team researched for hours about this product so that we can provide a unbiased review. 

We’ve also included AcuRite 02064 in our top recommendations here.


Five-in-one Weather Sensor

A comprehensive weather station model, the super-sensitive weather sensor that’s instilled into this model allows a user to study five weather components namely: wind direction, rain, speed of the wind, temperature and humidity.

PC Connect

The PC Connect feature allows a user to attach this weather station to their computer via USB. In order to truly benefit from this feature, the user must install the complimentary software on the PC or download the mobile application when connecting it to the phone. Connect your weather station to the MY AcuRite website and gain access to your weather information online. The PC Connect  feature of this model also allows a user to calligraph the settings in a manner wherein the user is notified by emails or text messages whenever the pre-set weather conditions change.

Easy Accessibility of Data

If you want, you can download all your personal weather station data into your computer in an easy to read CSV file format (Excel).All the data can thereafter be transferred from the weather station into the computer and therefore make for easier readings, analysis and comparison The weather measurements are recorded once every 12-minutes and accordingly, the downloaded data is shown in a spreadsheet format in rows and columns.

Weather Ticker

The Weather Ticker is a pre-loaded feature that gives the user real-time live weather updates. These updates come in the form of alerts or text messages and are displayed on the display screen of the weather station. Examples of what information the Weather Ticker covers are: moon phase, indoor comfort level, temperature (highs and lows) etc.

Accurate & Customizable Recordings

The primary function of a weather station is to provide the user with accurate data. Some weather stations also give the user the additional option to tinker with his/her data needs. The AcuRite 02064 gives the user accurate data and also allows one to tinker with it. If you want to view the changes that took place in weather conditions for the pas 24-hours, you can. Similarly, users also have access to monthly highs and lows. It can record wind speed data as long as the wind clocks less than 99MPH. It has a 16-point wind vane system that gives the user the most accurate wind direction information, as possible. Users can also utilise this weather station to measure rainfall in inches or millimeters and keep records to monitor the changes in rainfall.


    • It's affordable and completely worth the price you pay!
    • Weather Ticker provides you a exclusive real time updates.
    • You can track real time weather data anywhere through WeatherUnderground.
    • All sensors are mounted into 1 unit which will save your time as you don't need to install every sensors manually.
    • The console displays vital informations such as Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall and it updates every 60 seconds.
    • You can track the weather on AcuRite Remote Monitoring Weather App


    • Wind speed data is sent only every 18 seconds.
    • PC Connect software requires the computer to be running at all times.

Wrapping it up!

Overall, It’s a terrific weather station for a great price. Not only our team, all the customers have been saying amazing things about this AcuRite 02064 model. So go ahead and get one without a doubt. 

Our team has spent hours to come up with quality informations, it’ll be really appreciated if you can share this article with your friends.

As always,

Happy Forecasting! 

AcuRite 01024M Pro Review

The weather is always unpredictable. No matter how many weather forecasts there are, natural calamities due to bad weather still happen. In fact, the number of weather related calamities is steadily increasing due to the imbalance caused in the environment owing to high pollution and deforestation.

In remote and sensitive areas, predicting the weather is tricky and is vital because you should be able take the necessary steps to safeguard your friends, family, and yourself from calamities.

When it comes to Weather Station, AcuRite brand always amuses me. AcuRite always comes up with innovative products at afforable price.

Recently AcuRite announced a new product,  01024M compact. 

The AcuRite 01024M is a compact weather station that you can fit in your home or office that is equipped with an HD Display to accurately show weather stats like Temperature, Humidity, etc.


Weather data displayed by the device includes Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, and Lightning. Apart from predicting the weather, the AcuRite 01024M also displays indoor comfort and conditions of your home that will help you to maintain the right temperature and humidity levels deemed comfortable for your family.

This Weather Station will give you a daily, accurate account of both your indoor and outdoor conditions. You can set separate alarms for Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Rainfall changes, etc.

Through Display Console, you can know the following details:- 

  • Current Outdoor & Indoor Conditions
  • High and low records
  • Trend Arrows
  • “Feels Like” temperature
  • Dew Point and Pressure
  • Audible Alerts
  • Lightning Strike Counter
  • Estimate Distance to Strikes
  • Time Date

It also records and stores Hourly Trend Graphs of Wind Speeds and Calendar records of Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, etc. You can access them through the display console or through wunderground (You’ve to set it up).

There is also a Sleep Mode where the display screen dims and still displays all the weather information.

The device features two solar panels. These solar panels provide power to an aspirating fan which maximizes ambient temperature accuracy for the entire day.

AcuRite have introduced this new feature in this model, Lightning detector. The device is equipped with an advanced lightning sensor that will sense and alert you during lightning strikes that occur within 25 miles (40km) of your location. Whenever a lightning occurs it will beep and light will be flashing in the sensor. You can mount the sensor almost anywhere in your backyard.

Daily weather overview gives you a complete picture of the weather conditions. Information such as ‘Feels Like’, ‘Dew Point Calculations’, and Rainfall Collection calculated and displayed by the onscreen Rainfall gauge gives you an in-depth insight into present weather conditions.

Read: How To Chose Lightning Detector?

The AcuRite 01024M Pro also has a digital clock that updates itself to Daylight Savings.

The HD display screen is bright and easily readable from a distance of 20 feet.

Outdoor Temperature and Humidity are updated once every 36 seconds.


  • Amazing HD Colour Display for accurate and easy readings.
  • Easy Installation and set-up.
  • High Quality, advanced device loaded with great features.
  • The 3-in-1 Lightning Sensor displays lighting strikes, temperature, and humidity.
  • The AcuRite 01024M works on 4 AA batteries that will last for 2 years.
  • Equipped with self-calibration technology.
  • The station console can be either wall mounted or placed on a table top.
  • The device is durable and can withstand all weather conditions.


  • The base unit of the AcuRite 01024M needs to be plugged in always.
  • Batteries are not available with the unit.
  • Users reported problems with the Rain Gauge.
  • The Lightning Detector shows the data only on the Base Station and does not sync this data on the Mobile App.


Overall, the AcuRite 01024M is an advanced device at affordable price. It is best used for Professional Weather Forecasting but is also very useful for Personal use. This is one among the cheapest weather stations you can ever purchase. Every AcuRite Weather Station comes with new and improved features and the 01024M does not disappoint. It is highly accurate in terms of weather reporting and has a wide data range that can withstand and report the most extreme weather conditions.

For an affordable price, you get detailed weather reporting right where you are.

AcuRite 01512 Pro Color Review

AcuRite 01512 Pro Color is an affordable weather station that can be relied upon for accurate weather data transmission most of the times. It uses the self-calibrating technology, which is known to provide dependable weather predictions. The multi-colored console displays a wide range of useful weather information. It also features a number of alarms to alert you of any undesirable or dangerous weather conditions.



AcuRite 01512 is supplied with 5 sensors packed in the protective housing. This model of AcuRite is primarily used as a semi-professional station and provides the following readings:

  • Temperature: The thermometers provide both indoor and outdoor temperature readings.
  • Rain Fall: The rain gauge provides consistent and accurate rain fall readings. It uses the self-emptying bowl which drains out the water continuously.
  • Wind Speed and Direction: It is fitted with a wind vane and is capable of measuring wind direction and speed both. It can provide the wind speed data for nearly 100mph or 160 kph.  
  • Humidity: Provides pretty accurate relative humidity data from 0 to 100%
  • Barometer: Measures the atmospheric pressure, which is quite accurate most of the times.

You don’t have to mount each of the sensors manually. All these above 5 sensors are mounted into 1 unit which will save you lot of time during installation.


AcuRite 01036 Pro Color features a wireless sensor suite which can transmit the data to multiple consoles within the range. The optimal transmission range is nearly 330 ft in the clear line of sight. Practically, due to obstructions, the range is often reduced to 100 ft. Being a home weather station, the transmission range is good enough for most purposes.

The transmission range can be increased with the help of the repeaters. But, remember that repeaters add to the cost significantly.

Display Console

The colored LCD display uses the auto-dimming technology to control the brightness automatically in accordance with the time of the day. This station uses the self-calibrating technique in order to provide the accurate weather data based on the precise location of installation.

The weather forecast is more reliable than most other cheaper AcuRite stations. The display constantly shows the forecast data for up to 24 hours. The rain data of the station is stored and historical readings are available. It displays various other weather information’s such as Indoor and Outdoor temperature and humidity, rainfall data, storm alert 

AcuRite 01512 Pro Color offers the update interval of less than 40 seconds, making it one of the more reliable stations around.

Additional Features

AcuRite does not pull the weather prediction data from the meteorological department or weather news sites. It collects the data from the sensor suite installed in your house premises and thus keeps you up to date with the information at all times. It uses an advanced algorithm and based on a number of weather variables (current and past) provides the weather forecast.  

The weather ticker of this station is customizable. The real-time information is streamed and presented to the user as text message alerts on the coloured screen. You could get the information pertaining to the moon phase, intelligent feels-like temperature data, indoor conditions, and more.

The console can be connected to the Personal computer via USB cable. If you need to monitor the weather conditions remotely over the internet, you can buy the AcuLink Internet Bridge software. It will allow you to stream the weather data from the station remotely on your smartphone, laptop, and supported handheld, portable devices. You can also publish the data online on the popular weather websites.


AcuRite 01512 Pro Colour is a semi-professional grade weather station. It provides accurate weather data in most of the situations. It is primarily meant for the establishments that need to stay up to date on the weather condition but do not rely heavily on it. It is perfect for schools, offices, and certain industries. Weather hobbyists who wish to have a station more advanced than the home weather station can go for this model.


We can’t get such a good product in this price range. Acurite did a fantastic job by providing various essential features for such a good price.

  • Priced at affordable range, 01512 Pro Color meets almost all your needs related to weather data and doesn’t upset your budget as well.
  • The self-calibrating technology has been patented by AcuRite and makes this station rather unique.
  • This weather station is very easy to install because the major 5 sensors are already attached into 1 unit. All you need is simple tools that are usually available at home. The installation material is supplied in the box.
  • Accurate weather readings
  • Share real-time weather data through Internet


Here are some of the disadvantages we faced. However, we shouldn’t complain at this price point.

  • The self-emptying rain gauge usually provides accurate rain fall data. However, it may sometimes drain the water too soon before the accurate reading is transmitted by the sensor. Therefore, you cannot rely on it at all times.
  • Although it is a cost-effective weather station, you need to purchase additional software in order to stream the data over the internet.

Wrapping it up!

AcuRite 01512 are a stunning piece of quality at that price range. If you are on small budget and you are going to using the weather station for normal purpose such as knowing the local forecast for your farm, etc then go with this model. It gives you accurate forecast and weather readings.

If you are weather geek, then consider increasing your budget to get a high quality weather station so that you could get way more better features.


AcuRite 01036 Pro Review

When it comes to provide a good weather station that could fit in for small budgets, then AcuRite brand is the perfect choice.

Those who are looking for cost-effective weather station which is reliable may consider buying AcuRite 01036 Pro. This budget oriented weather station is good enough for both homes and small offices purpose. The weather readings such as pressure, rainfall, wind are accurate most of the times. Overall, it is a good weather station to own.

The AcuRite 01036 Pro model uses Self-Calibrating Technology to provide you the most accurate weather forecast in your locality. The sensors observe the atmospheric conditions and provide you 12 to 24 hours weather forecast. 

You can connect the weather station with your windows computer and transmit the data to your PC. You can also connect the weather station to Internet, which allows you to check the weather data remotely through Internet or Smartphone.



AcuRite 01036 Pro Weather Station has 5-in-1 sensor which records 5 type of weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind speed & direction. This makes the installation process rather easy, you don’t need to mount each sensors which saves you a lot of time.

The 5-in-1 sensor has a battery which is capable of running for 2 or more years which reduces your maintenance work.

This model is capable of measuring the wind speed as well as the wind direction. There is a barometer to measure the atmospheric pressure and a thermometer for temperature readings. It also has a hygrometer to measure relative humidity. The housing also encapsulates an aspirating fan which ensures that the unit doesn’t get heated up on the inside resulting in inaccurate temperature readings. The fan is solar powered with power storage capacity.

AcuRite 01036 Pro Weather Station

The thermometer is capable of measuring the indoor temperature in the range of -40 to 50 Celsius and outdoor temperature up to 70 Celsius. The hygrometer can measure the relative humidity indoors up to 98% and outdoors up to 99%. Anemometer is designed to measure the wind speed as low as 0 mph and as high as 99 mph. The rain gauge records the temperature reading of up to 99.99”.

The temperature readings may not always be accurate, especially when the direct sunlight falls on the thermometer. However, in order to keep the sensor unit powered up, the solar panels need the sunlight. This is the dilemma the company needs to look into to ensure that their device is more functional.

Here are the list of sensors attached to the outdoor unit.

  • Thermostat
  • Hygrometer
  • Rain Gauge
  • Anemometer (To measure the wind speed & direction)
  • Barometric Pressure


AcuRite 01036 offers up to 330ft (100 meters) of wireless transmission that operates at the 433 MHz frequency. The transmission quality is satisfactory. However, the obstacles between the sensor unit and console may intervene with the transmission and degrade the quality. Any operational electronic devices, such as TV, radio, or microwave near the sensor unit may also interfere with the transmission resulting in inferior reception. This is why the sensor unit must be installed at least 10 meters away from these devices.

The transmission is pretty consistent and frequent enabling regular updates to the console. The update interval could be anywhere between 20 to 40 seconds. This is good enough even for the areas where the weather conditions are capricious.


The LCD display console is bilingual providing the reading in English or French depending upon the user preference. The console can be placed on a table using the stand that is supplied with the product. You can also wall-mount the console.  The console can also be connected to the internet so that you can view the data on your smartphone over the internet anytime, anywhere.

The lighting of the display can be set manually or you could choose the auto mode which adjusts the brightness depending upon the intensity of the light in the room where it is installed.

Besides the standard weather readings, the console also provides the weather forecast for up to 24 hours and a weather ticker which displays the real time weather activities. You can get the following weather readings in the Display console, such as Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, Heat index, wind chill, dew point, barometric pressure, rainfall data.



AcuRite has managed to provide the maximum features and benefits for such a small price tag compared to other weather stations. One of the best feature which i liked in this model is accuracy and the weather ticker.

    • It is one of the most affordable weather station available
    • The sensor unit houses 5 sensors and provides accurate readings almost all the times.
    • The rain gauge comes with a debris filter which allows the weather station to provide accurate rainfall data to the console
    • AcuRite 01036 features multiple alarms to warn you of any impending dangers pertaining to the weather conditions in your area.
    • The weather station also supports an iOS and Android app so that you could monitor the weather conditions remotely
    • Allows you to share the real time weather data over the internet via Weather Underground
    • Weather Ticker provides interesting facts about the weather readings
    • Easy to Setup


Every product has some disadvantages. No matter whether its high end or low end. Being a budget oriented product that could fit for small pockets, I’ve to say that acurite has built a strong weather station. However, let’s check out the disadvantages.

    • Exposure to excessive sunlight may result in inaccurate temperature readings
    • The transmission is susceptible to interference by the nearby electronic devices or obstacles

Here’s a video which explains about the 5-in-1 sensors.

Wrapping it up!

For those who are looking to get into the world of weather forecasting on a small budget, this AcuRite 01036 model is a winner. I know small budget and quality doesn’t go in one hand, but this model is an exception. I wouldn’t think twice to purchase this model as you can get every feature of other expensive weather station in such a small price tag.

If you’d like to check out other high quality weather station, check out the Davis 6250 Vantage Vue model.