AcuRite 02064 Wireless Review 2019

Weather is something that can’t be accurately predicted accurately (yet). But things changing and lots of super computers are forecasting weather with about 70% accuracy. Weather Station is device which can provide lot of weather data of your locality and also gives alert incase if any storms detected. 

Weather Stations are manufactured by various brands such as AcuRite, Davis, etc. Weather Station comes with various models and pricing ranges to make it available for all type of consumers.

AcuRite is known for its reputation and manufacturing affordable weather gears. 02064 model could be a perfect gift for a weather enthusiast. It comes all the basic features such as Daily high & low, indoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed & direction, rainfall data, etc.

Let me ask you guys something. What is a ‘good weather station’? Is it a feature enriched model? One that’s cost-effective? Or, one that’s a jack of all trades but a master of none? There’s just no ‘correct’ answer for this question. Multiple people will give you multiple answers to this very question because of very different reasons. To conclude, we do not know which weather station is  a ‘good weather station’.

It is you, the ultimate consumer who has to ultimately make a purchase decision. Your purchase decision is governed by a certain number of factors like, price, features, accuracy, feasibility, durability etc. To simplify the pre-purchase process, in this product review, we shall just list some of the most notable features about the AcuRite 02064 Wireless Weather Station and then, you can be the best judge and decide whether this is a model that’s perfect for you or not.

Our team researched for hours about this product so that we can provide a unbiased review. 

We’ve also included AcuRite 02064 in our top recommendations here.

Features of the acurite 02064 wireless weather station

Five-in-one Weather Sensor

A comprehensive weather station model, the super-sensitive weather sensor that’s instilled into this model allows a user to study five weather components namely: wind direction, rain, speed of the wind, temperature and humidity.

acurite 02064 review wireless weather station

PC Connect

The PC Connect feature allows a user to attach this weather station to their computer via USB. In order to truly benefit from this feature, the user must install the complimentary software on the PC or download the mobile application when connecting it to the phone. Connect your weather station to the MY AcuRite website and gain access to your weather information online. The PC Connect  feature of this model also allows a user to calligraph the settings in a manner wherein the user is notified by emails or text messages whenever the pre-set weather conditions change.

Easy Accessibility of Data

If you want, you can download all your personal weather station data into your computer in an easy to read CSV file format (Excel).All the data can thereafter be transferred from the weather station into the computer and therefore make for easier readings, analysis and comparison The weather measurements are recorded once every 12-minutes and accordingly, the downloaded data is shown in a spreadsheet format in rows and columns.

Weather Ticker

The Weather Ticker is a pre-loaded feature that gives the user real-time live weather updates. These updates come in the form of alerts or text messages and are displayed on the display screen of the weather station. Examples of what information the Weather Ticker covers are: moon phase, indoor comfort level, temperature (highs and lows) etc.

Accurate & Customizable Recordings

The primary function of a weather station is to provide the user with accurate data. Some weather stations also give the user the additional option to tinker with his/her data needs. The AcuRite 02064 gives the user accurate data and also allows one to tinker with it. If you want to view the changes that took place in weather conditions for the pas 24-hours, you can. Similarly, users also have access to monthly highs and lows. It can record wind speed data as long as the wind clocks less than 99MPH. It has a 16-point wind vane system that gives the user the most accurate wind direction information, as possible. Users can also utilise this weather station to measure rainfall in inches or millimeters and keep records to monitor the changes in rainfall.


    • It's affordable and completely worth the price you pay!
    • Weather Ticker provides you a exclusive real time updates.
    • You can track real time weather data anywhere through WeatherUnderground.
    • All sensors are mounted into 1 unit which will save your time as you don't need to install every sensors manually.
    • The console displays vital informations such as Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall and it updates every 60 seconds.
    • You can track the weather on AcuRite Remote Monitoring Weather App


    • Wind speed data is sent only every 18 seconds.
    • PC Connect software requires the computer to be running at all times.

Wrapping it up!

Overall, It’s a terrific weather station for a great price. Not only our team, all the customers have been saying amazing things about this AcuRite 02064 model. So go ahead and get one without a doubt. 

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Happy Forecasting! 

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