AcuRite 01036 Pro Review

When it comes to provide a good weather station that could fit in for small budgets, then AcuRite brand is the perfect choice.

Those who are looking for cost-effective weather station which is reliable may consider buying AcuRite 01036 Pro. This budget oriented weather station is good enough for both homes and small offices purpose. The weather readings such as pressure, rainfall, wind are accurate most of the times. Overall, it is a good weather station to own.

The AcuRite 01036 Pro model uses Self-Calibrating Technology to provide you the most accurate weather forecast in your locality. The sensors observe the atmospheric conditions and provide you 12 to 24 hours weather forecast. 

You can connect the weather station with your windows computer and transmit the data to your PC. You can also connect the weather station to Internet, which allows you to check the weather data remotely through Internet or Smartphone.



AcuRite 01036 Pro Weather Station has 5-in-1 sensor which records 5 type of weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind speed & direction. This makes the installation process rather easy, you don’t need to mount each sensors which saves you a lot of time.

The 5-in-1 sensor has a battery which is capable of running for 2 or more years which reduces your maintenance work.

This model is capable of measuring the wind speed as well as the wind direction. There is a barometer to measure the atmospheric pressure and a thermometer for temperature readings. It also has a hygrometer to measure relative humidity. The housing also encapsulates an aspirating fan which ensures that the unit doesn’t get heated up on the inside resulting in inaccurate temperature readings. The fan is solar powered with power storage capacity.

AcuRite 01036 Pro Weather Station

The thermometer is capable of measuring the indoor temperature in the range of -40 to 50 Celsius and outdoor temperature up to 70 Celsius. The hygrometer can measure the relative humidity indoors up to 98% and outdoors up to 99%. Anemometer is designed to measure the wind speed as low as 0 mph and as high as 99 mph. The rain gauge records the temperature reading of up to 99.99”.

The temperature readings may not always be accurate, especially when the direct sunlight falls on the thermometer. However, in order to keep the sensor unit powered up, the solar panels need the sunlight. This is the dilemma the company needs to look into to ensure that their device is more functional.

Here are the list of sensors attached to the outdoor unit.

  • Thermostat
  • Hygrometer
  • Rain Gauge
  • Anemometer (To measure the wind speed & direction)
  • Barometric Pressure


AcuRite 01036 offers up to 330ft (100 meters) of wireless transmission that operates at the 433 MHz frequency. The transmission quality is satisfactory. However, the obstacles between the sensor unit and console may intervene with the transmission and degrade the quality. Any operational electronic devices, such as TV, radio, or microwave near the sensor unit may also interfere with the transmission resulting in inferior reception. This is why the sensor unit must be installed at least 10 meters away from these devices.

The transmission is pretty consistent and frequent enabling regular updates to the console. The update interval could be anywhere between 20 to 40 seconds. This is good enough even for the areas where the weather conditions are capricious.


The LCD display console is bilingual providing the reading in English or French depending upon the user preference. The console can be placed on a table using the stand that is supplied with the product. You can also wall-mount the console.  The console can also be connected to the internet so that you can view the data on your smartphone over the internet anytime, anywhere.

The lighting of the display can be set manually or you could choose the auto mode which adjusts the brightness depending upon the intensity of the light in the room where it is installed.

Besides the standard weather readings, the console also provides the weather forecast for up to 24 hours and a weather ticker which displays the real time weather activities. You can get the following weather readings in the Display console, such as Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, Heat index, wind chill, dew point, barometric pressure, rainfall data.



AcuRite has managed to provide the maximum features and benefits for such a small price tag compared to other weather stations. One of the best feature which i liked in this model is accuracy and the weather ticker.

    • It is one of the most affordable weather station available
    • The sensor unit houses 5 sensors and provides accurate readings almost all the times.
    • The rain gauge comes with a debris filter which allows the weather station to provide accurate rainfall data to the console
    • AcuRite 01036 features multiple alarms to warn you of any impending dangers pertaining to the weather conditions in your area.
    • The weather station also supports an iOS and Android app so that you could monitor the weather conditions remotely
    • Allows you to share the real time weather data over the internet via Weather Underground
    • Weather Ticker provides interesting facts about the weather readings
    • Easy to Setup


Every product has some disadvantages. No matter whether its high end or low end. Being a budget oriented product that could fit for small pockets, I’ve to say that acurite has built a strong weather station. However, let’s check out the disadvantages.

    • Exposure to excessive sunlight may result in inaccurate temperature readings
    • The transmission is susceptible to interference by the nearby electronic devices or obstacles

Here’s a video which explains about the 5-in-1 sensors.

Wrapping it up!

For those who are looking to get into the world of weather forecasting on a small budget, this AcuRite 01036 model is a winner. I know small budget and quality doesn’t go in one hand, but this model is an exception. I wouldn’t think twice to purchase this model as you can get every feature of other expensive weather station in such a small price tag.

If you’d like to check out other high quality weather station, check out the Davis 6250 Vantage Vue model.