Hey Weather Geeks,

We are a group of amateur weather metrologist. We fell in love with climatology and started to explore it. Our passion lead us every day. We love to discuss weather. I’m Mike; I love collecting rainfall data. Everyone has some hobby, but I had something different hobby than most of you guys.

One day, We went to a meetup organized by metrologist. They had a discussion about weather station and how it works. My friends were so interested to see such technologies which can be set right at our home backyard.

I use Davis weather stations and my friends would ask me regular questions about weather stations and many other things.

So, As you guess that’s where i decided to launch an online blog which reviews almost every weather gadgets in the market and provide the best knowledgeable resources to our readers.

Our goal is to become the best online website for weather metrologist and hobbyist. We work hard to analyze each products and provide our honest opinions.

Our reviews are completely unbiased. We don’t list products that are worthless.

Whats the plan with Weather Station Lab?

  • To launch blog section soon where we will write interesting weather facts and articles.
  • To launch our free e-book where you’ll learn how i became an amateur weather hobbyist.
  • To review as much as weather products and provide the best ever reviews.

Would you like to have a chat with me? I’d love to spend time with you. Contact us here.

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1517 Jackson St, Dallas, TX 75201